Saturday, 22 October 2011

Spring at Last

Its spring in Tasmania and blossom is everywhere. Its also time to  start digging the vegetable garden and poultry breeding

Small birds and mammals love our garden. Overhead protection and lots of food

 These are ornamental fruit blossom trees loved by nectar feeding birds
Chickens also love the fallen petals

I grow a few orchids from more northerly Australia. This is a Dendobium
Not a great year for orchids but there have been a few first blooms on orchids L have had since the 90's. So that's something I guess.

 Native Daisy bush in our forest. Behind we have some Swamp Gum (E. Ovata). and huge wattle.
Every morning I barrow out the new chicks to the vegetable garden which has overhead protection from hawks. The chicks love this trip and get out onto the mesh and flatten out to enjoy the journey. Evenings can be cold, even frosty so they get a return journey. Barrow surfing!
We keep Anconas, Minorcas, and White Leghorns its a great interest to maintain and they keep us and friends in eggs and manure for garden


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