Monday, 6 February 2012

Melbourne Wildseed 2012

 Emma Wild's label, "Wildseed". - Watch for it!!

The end of January and we were away in Melbourne catching up with family and having a break bird watching. Daughter Emma is a total ball of energy at the moment and producing some great fashion works combining silkscreen with lovely fabric designs. She sells at St Andrews market (Saturdays) and Geelong (Friday nights). Printing sure has changed. In my time it was lengthy apprenticeships and not much art now its the opposite. She takes inspiration from nature and the design is eye catching and simple elegance at an affordable price. Printing meets fashion.
 I usually like my presses to be made of cast iron and steel, but I must say I love the design of these silkscreen machines. totally adjustable for register and light enough to operate for medium run lengths. Ideal for back-shed use! Like the early Adana platens in the 50's many a small business is out in the shed! Emma is a fan of photo-screen which combines image gathering, computer work and screen making. Emma's picture I think, or could be Pete's!

 Jo, Emma and grandson Ruben outside Emma's stall at St, Andrews Saturday market. It was so hot. This is a great country market on the edge of Melbourne near an area ravaged by fire a couple of years ago. The landscape and the people are still showing the effects, but the market is vibrant and the overall vibe is relaxed and happy. Lots of interesting stalls. Great food.
A part of the range Emma makes. Its hard work! Shes on a roll folks.
 Emma selling her creations (Wildseed label) proudly being able to say "I designed and printed everything you see".

Melbourne was very hot and full of interest. Emma, Pete, and Ruben live close to our esteemed Prime minister in a neighbourhood close to Port Phillip Bay. Lots of bird life and some wet areas that yielded a couple of new sightings for my life list. Over 300 birds now.

 The "Spirit of Tasmania" is a very smooth ship to voyage on and the staff are actually friendly. Its relaxing and interesting. Try and say that about a recent air journey!

The return voyage had us in recliner chairs at the stern of the ship watching more birds and some great squalls crossing over us. The ferry is a lot more interesting than air travel. I just hate the vibes in air ports these days. Air travel is good if you need to be somewhere fast, but if not, its just an experience in congealed anxiety! I really enjoyed the ocean birds like Gannets, Petrels, and Prions, wheeling around and moving with the fronts.
Now for a year of printing and art in front of us! The paper has arrived and some transparent tint ink, and I have just ordered a font of Centaur titling from Bruce Rodgers original Matts. no ideas for them as yet but its the first time in many, many years, the mats have been released for casting. Dale Guild are doing this service for printers.