Saturday, 22 October 2011

Press Update

 Starting Point

 A Couple of Printers!!

Beautiful colour. Just like a new one

 The platen cleaned but unpainted. No obvious smashes or dings

 Frame painted

 Parts ready for paint

Platen face and Bed below

It used to look rough and pretty scrappy but not anymore! Howard has been busy stripping the press down to the frame and cleaning and painting. We got together a week ago and had a look at what could be done to finish it off. It doesnt have any rollers, just an old one and a couple of trucks. Luckily it looks like it will take Chandler and Price rollers and running gear. Also missing is the frisket bar mechanism (gripper bar if you are American!
The mystery still remains over what this press actually is -a Samson or a New Champion. Regardless, its not far off working now. Notice in the photographs some nice pinstriping on some parts. Deep down in the grime my Chandler and Price had a little striping once!