Saturday, 22 October 2011

Deloraine Craft Fair

This year we are again selling cards and work at the Deloraine Craft Fair This is a annual event over a long weekend in November. Joanne will be having a stall at the visitors centre and we will be exhibiting work in a street show. Local artists take over shop windows and display work of all kinds. The craft fair is huge about 30000 people attend and stock up on original gifts for the christmas season or just wander around enjoying themselves. Its a good time to be selling hand printed Letterpress cards!

 Part of the range. Original designs cut in Linocut.

 At a recent market. We always have a small Adana press at such events to demonstrate the "black art" of Letterpress.
These are some framed prints for the street show. My work will be in the window of "Deloraine Digital" - our local Photo store.


Joanne said...

Den's photographs will be available for sale after Windows on Deloraine.

Joanne said...

We had fun there yesterday.