Sunday, 31 July 2011

Photographing the land

Living in one piece of countryside for a long time gives one a sense of the seasons and the renewal that occurs in nature. I like photographing seasons and often photograph the same familiar places in different ways. These pictures were made using old throw away cameras that I would buy on ebay and try out. My limit was 10 dollars plus postage! One camera fell apart in my hands and none of them survived intact . One,  I converted to a 120 roll film pin hole camera which I still occasionally use. The prints of these images were output on an Epson inkjet printer, onto Bamboo paper, (Hannemuhle) about A2 size. These were exhibited at the Devonport City Art gallery landscape show about "the familiar". This was curated by Dr Ellie Ray the Director of the gallery, Many thanks to Ellie.
Our forest almost neatly encloses the house and studio and wildlife abounds. It's a declared reserve on private land, as most the forest around us has been hammered in the last 20 years. I never tire of working quietly in the field. I decided that since the camera is primitive, little of no work beyond scaling would be done in Photoshop. These are all film based (C41) with digital pigment prints on archival paper.
 Evening, Winter

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Joanne said...

I love the piece at the top which would stand up in the MONA collection.