Sunday, 31 July 2011

New linocut cards

Planet Girl

 We have been happily making many cards too. Winter can be chilly but not in the studio where the platen pedals have been providing me with much needed exercise. Joanne has a unique style, masterful skill, and a well seasoned eye for nature and people. These cuts are all based on people and events around us, and some are about herself, They are all platen press printed and scored using Fabriano Rosapina paper. Its a joy to print on, being soft and absorbing the impression without being too hard on the lino. Those printers who have fallen in love with ‘Deep letterpress’ are going to find their type and blocks wearing out pretty quickly. I start with the block in front of me and invent a colour based on the content of the image as I see it. Interested? drop us a line or too.

 It starts with a drawing

Here a lino has been brought to type-high and locked up in a Chandler and Price chase
 For a friend who likes cats

 Chicken Lady!
 Duck Girl!


Joanne said...

Planet Girl is a favourite. Den chooses the ink colour for each print & names it.

Joanne said...

Now retailing at Deloraine Creative Studios, just inside the door.

Joanne said...

Den it's time to see you making linocuts.

Joanne said...

I look forward to taking a Linocut Workshop since an old friend now living in Albury invited me to.