Sunday, 31 July 2011

Some Odd Images

Here are some odd prints not really belonging to anything (as yet). Joanne has been making Stencil prints for years and they turn up around here in odd places like old pieces of wood. Eventually, I gather them up as images, and sometimes print them inkjet.
 For me I like to play with Pinhole cameras. This one is a 4x5 made by Badyn Smith a former student of mine. With an F stop of f262 it takes a good while to get an exposure. The image I'm showing here is of a dead Barred Bandicoot. These delightful Marsupials are still found here, but rarely outside Tasmania. This one died of Toxoplasmosis - a deadly disease spread by domestic cats living in the wild. This may explain the rareness of Bandicoots on mainland Australia and of course the introduced Fox.
 Exposure - about 18 minutes on Agfa Ortho
 A lot of fun and built ruggedly. F262 equivalent to 100mm on a 4x5
Wouldn't like to try and get this through airport security!

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Joanne said...

Stencil art can be fun.