Thursday, 21 June 2012

The ADANA 6x4 Press

A Nice Picture of a good press. Its a 1936 advert for a 6x4 press that launched many a young printer. Or so I am advised by many UK origin folks who visit our market stall and also the British Printing Society of which I am a proud member.
 Lasting impressions picked one up in a  second hand shop in 1986 for $40.00. We used it for years and made it work but couldn't quite work out why it had such primitive inking rollers. Years later when I replaced them I realised that the resourceful previous owner had slipped on some dairy milking hose over the roller stocks. I always wondered about the seam in the roller but somehow we made a lot of cash with this press.  Somehow!
Also, the weirdest Phallic design handle! We now use a 8x5 Adana and its vastly different. Notice how this ad features some sort of stirrup for foot operation.
This is the smallest press I have worked on if we discount the Japanese 'Baren'.


Anonymous said...

These are super little presses aren't they? I have one, and and older, even smaller HS1 which isn't bad either!

lasimp said...

Hi Lestaret They do great work and I just fall into a good mood for work. I've never seen a smaller one in other than photos on ebay, but I bet they are great fun. As you would know we have bigger presses but the little Adanas (we have a 8x5 too), are great too for kids to see the principles of printing. I love your blog its really sets the pace, as I'm a bit slack at times. Thanks for responding too.